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See our statement of faith which is the foundation of what we as a church believe about God and His Word.

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To see the world impacted  and transformed by the Gospel of the Kingdom of God

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The Kings Church was founded by Rod and Janet Seago together with a team of friends at a local school in Westville, as a plant from the Kings Church in Jacksonville Florida USA., We are a community of believers from various national and ethnic backgrounds who have been united together in the Lord Jesus Christ by the Spirit. We have a passion for the word of the kingdom of God and the authentic faith of Jesus Christ that was originally entrusted to His apostles, as revealed in the Scriptures. (See our faith statement)

Our desire is to minister the Righteousness, Peace and Joy of God through the message of His eternal kingdom to whoso ever will hear, and make disciples of all nations, teaching them to obey the things Christ taught and commanded his original apostles. In this regard we also have this World Wide Web page ministry under the domain www.kingschurch.org.za.

Our founding Pastor Rodney Seago has been in the ministry for the past 48 years. A former graduate of Elim Bible College, London, UK, he also holds a Master’s Degree in Apostolic Studies from Apostles Theological Seminary, USA. Rod has been married to Janet for 46 years and together they have two sons and five grandchildren. He was the founder and senior pastor of City of Life Church in Pinetown in 1980. In 1995 he and his family relocated to the USA to continue ministry there. After establishing the Kings Church in Pinetown in 2008, he returned to Florida with Janet to pick up the ministry there in Kings Church Jacksonville again. He remains in constant fellowship with the brothers here in South Africa.

At an ordination service in August 2015, the work at Kings Church, Durban was handed over to Giles Hunter who has been co-pastoring Kings Church with  Pastor Rod since its inception in 2008. Giles is married to Melody and is the father of two daughters who are both serving the Lord in the ministry and is blessed with six grandchildren.


He retired as a senior member of the Durban Metro Police Service after serving in a law enforcement career for 33 years in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, and Pinetown. He has been serving the Lord in a Church leadership role for some thirty three years in a teaching and home cell ministry and on the leadership team at City of Life Family Church in Pinetown under Pastor Rod’s ministry. He later joined Highway Christian Community in Pinetown where he ministered in a grounding and teaching role for new converts and continued in the Homecell ministry.

Giles has a passion for teaching the word of God and is currently reading for a Master’s degree in Prophetic and Apostolic Studies with the Apostles Theological Seminary in Jacksonville Florida.

He presently serves as a Director on the Highway College School Board.