Giles and Melody Hunter

King’s Church Senior Pastor

Giles and Melody have been married for 46 years, have two daughters and six grandchildren. Giles, who grew up in Malta and served as a career police officer for 33 years in Southern Africa was converted to Christ in 1982 at the Full Gospel Church in Pinetown. Giles has served the church in Pinetown in various leadership roles for some 25 years at City of Life Family Church (Now His Church), Highway Christian Community Church and King’s Church. Over the years he played a leading role in the grounding and discipleship of new converts in the various congregations, and after co-pastoring in the planting and establishment of Kings Church for seven years was ordained as Senior Pastor of King’s Church, by Pastors Rod Seago and John Moses of AMCI ( South Africa). Giles being retired from holding a senior position at the Durban Metro Police in 2006 and is currently reading for a Master’s degree in Prophetic and Apostolic Ministries with the Apostles Theological Seminary (ATS) in Florida USA. Melody was very involved teaching in the children’s church ministry at City of Life Family Church. She later moved to Hillcrest Christian Academy where she worked in the Pre-School and Discovery Centre before retiring in 2014.

Gavin and Jasmine Brophy

Worship Pastor

Gavin and Jasmine come from Catholic backgrounds and were both saved and baptized in the Holy Spirit thirty-eight years ago during the charismatic revival of the 70′s. They have been married for thirty-nine years and have been in the ministry for 20 of those years, have three children and four grandchildren. Gavin spent thirty years in the ICT environment where he worked in corporate training. Gavin is the Principal of Highway College in Pinetown, a Christian school that provides parents with a wide spectrum of the church a schooling environment that endeavours to build Christian character and academic excellence in their children. His academic career ranges from IT engineering, lecturing management in tertiary education (HDE) and a Masters in Business Administration. Gavin is passionate about the reality and fulfilment of God’s supernatural Kingdom. He is a pastor and a team member under Rod Seago’s apostolic ministry at Kings Church in Pinetown South Africa.

Allan and Allison Reddy

Outreach & Ministry Pastor

Allan and Allison Reddy grew up in a Hindu background and got radically saved in 2000. They served as leaders for 12 years at Highway Christian Community in Pinetown and spent much time evangelizing and preaching the Good News. The Lord has used them with many signs and wonders and miracles in their ministry as evangelists. In September 2013 they were led by the Lord to Kings Church where they identified with the leadership,  ministry, and Word of the Kingdom. Both Allan and Allison were soon incorporated into Highway College and joined the Biblical Studies team of teachers from various ministries and churches at the school. In  September 2014, they were invited to join the ministry team at Kings Church.  Amongst other activities, they launched a Youth Ministry at the school for children for the Highway area and beyond.  Their passion is for evangelism and outreach to the unsaved and needy people of which they have led a number of outreach missions with members of the congregation in the Province since joining the church.

Mazwi and Thoko Kunene

Community Pastor

Mazwi is a well founded and experienced leader in the Body of Christ , he has been married to Thoko for 27 years and has two children who are both studying for professional careers. He ministered for two years from 1988 to 89, at the Ark ministries in Durban with Pastor Derek Danyssaein whilst attending Glenridge Church in Durban. For ten years after that he served in the office of an Elder at various churches namely,  the AFM, church, Oasis Church and Busa community church in Umlazi. In 2009 Mazwi and Thoko joined Vine of Life Church under Pastor Anderson Mpanza as a congregant for 4 years before joining up with Pastor Rod Seago at The Kings Church in Pinetown. Mazwi spent a year at Christian Bible Institute, a ministry of City of Life Church under Rod Seago’s oversight and later sat under Rod Seago and Anderson Mpanza’s Apostolic school of Ministry for a number of years.